Baker Registration For Pie Bake Off Event in Morganton

Test your baking skills. After the contest, the pies will be sliced and all attendees can have a piece.

There are two categories for pies (non-fruit and fruit). Pies that require refrigeration will not be admitted. A baker can enter up to 3 different pies. Each entry for a pie is $10. You must fill out the below form online (pay by paypal) or this form if you want to mail a check. If you want to do 3 pies, you would fill out the form 3 times and pay $30.

After you have submitted your entry for the pie and you pay, we will add your pie to this list of bakers on our web site.

Each baker is asked to sell tickets to the event. The baker who sells the most tickets (at least 15 tickets) will win a $50 Walmart gift card. This will be announced after the pie baking contest winners are announced.


1.) Contest is open to anyone 10 years old or older. Amateur bakers only. Professional bakers who work for a bakery cannot compete.

2.) Each pie entered must have an entry form (online or mailed form). The pie must be in the name of the person who baked the pie. Pies must be dropped off no later than 11:30 AM at Social Hall (basement) inside Collett Street Recreation Center located at 300 Collett St., Morganton, NC 28655. The event opens to the public at 12 PM. The winners of the pie baking contest will be announced around 12:30-1 PM.

3.) There are two entry categories: Fruit [e.g. berry, apple, cherry] and Other [e.g. Pecan, Pumpkin, Chocolate]. You must bring 2 identical pies (the same flavor) for every pie you enter so there would be plenty for the judges and attendees to taste.

4.) For safety reasons, NO PIES REQUIRING REFRIGERATION WILL BE ADMITTED [e.g. No cream pies, ice cream pies, etc.]

5.) Each pie submitted must include a recipe with the list of ingredients. Bring a paper with the recipe to the event along with your pie.

6.) If you want your pie pan back, come to reclaim it after the pies are eaten. You can also use disposable bakeware.

7.) Only cash and checks payable to Medical Patient Modesty will be accept for tickets that you sell. Each ticket is $10 per person. You must turn in the checks and cash collected for tickets you have sold in an envelope. Write the number of tickets you have sold on the envelope. Bring the envelope with the money and any tickets you did not sell to the table for tickets at the Pie Bake-off Event.

The event will be held in the Social Hall at Collett Street Recreation Center from 12 - 3:30 PM on Saturday, March 7th. You must bring your pies no later than 11:30 AM. The event opens to the public at 12 PM.

If you have any questions, please

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